Amazing Galaxy Nails

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Step 1: Materials

You will need: Base coat and to coat, black, yellow, pink,blue,white and glitter polish, a makeup sponge, tweezers and a toothpic

Step 2: Base

Start off with a base coat and then paint rack of your nails black

Step 3: The Nebula

Create the main nebula/galaxy by taking a small piece of sponge in your weepers and sponging a white line through your nail. Follow up with yellow.

Step 4: Small Details

Add sponges of pink to the middle of your nebula and then sponge blue on the outside to blend

Step 5: Smaller Details

Take your tooth pic and dip the tip in white. create small clusters of stars by stippling.

Step 6: The End!

I apologize for the horrible quality of pictures. I may redo this if people cannot see them well. Comment if they are fine or not. Thanks for looking at this! Follow and favorite! --moskiii13



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    5 years ago

    The picture quality is reeeeeeeallllllyyyyy bad and I apologize :(