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Hey Guys!!!!

In this instructable you will learn how to make a very strong universal puller for bearings, pulley, gears etc attached to the shaft of any motor.

I used a damaged and jammed plier that was not in use.

Full Video :

Credits : Mr Idea

Step 1: Tools Needed :

Take a Pliers. Even better if its a bit jammed so that you can put a non working tool to some use.

Take a pair of nut bolts.The bolts should be thin (so that they can easily get in small places and gaps) and long (so that they can cover a larger area)

You'll also need a welding machine.Better if you have a spot welding machine for precision.

Full Video :

Credits : Mr Idea

Step 2: Welding :-

Simply weld the 2 nuts on the respective pliers exactly as shown in the pictures.

I have used a spot welding machine to make a high precision weld.Also, it safer, saves electricity, less time consuming and least harmful for eyes in the welding machine family.

Place the bolts in their respective nuts and you should finally be left with something similar as in the last picture of this step.

Full Video :

Credits : Mr Idea

Step 3: Testing :-

Take a motor that has a jammed gear or pulley attached to its shaft that you have to remove.

Place the new pliers claws (bolts) in between the pulley and the motor body and try to remove it.

You should easily be able to remove the rusted gear in no time.The best part is that most of the time, the claws apply a balanced pressure on the pulley or the gear for easy extraction.

That's all for today guy.

Thank you for your time.

Full Video :

Credits : Mr Idea



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    The welds on the nuts would have to be perfect.

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