Amazing Origami Windmill



pretty little origami windmill
Difficulty Level


Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need...
A pin
A straw
and a square paper

Step 2: Folding : Step 1

Start with the square paper and fold it in half. reopen it and than fold the left and right edges to the center crease

Step 3: Folding:Step 2

Now with the sides still folded, fold the paper in half horizontally . Next fold the top and bottom edges to the center crease.

Step 4: Folding: Step 3

Next, fold along the white line shown in the picture. When you make the folds you should be able to push down on the top and flatten the entire thing.

Step 5: Folding:Step 4

The folding is almost done. Just take flap A and fold it to the right, and take flap B and fold it to the left. You should now have the windmill shape.

Step 6: Assembly

Now get the straw and pin. Place the straw on the back of the paper. Then, from the front, push the pin through the paper and the straw. After that, bend the end of the pin down or cover it using clay.

Step 7: Finish

I hope you enjoyed my instructable if you have any questions please leave a comment. Thanks!



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