Amazing Photo Montage

Introduction: Amazing Photo Montage

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Changing the image background can bring incredible results. For instance, you can visit places you’ve never been to...or at least make people believe it. And the amazing thing is that it won’t require any special skills.

Today I will show you how to make a believable photo montage with the help of Movavi Photo Editor 5:

Step 1: Select Foreground

There are 2 ways to do select the foreground. The green and red brushes – were quite familiar to me, so I decided to try a new trick. But you are free to use the first method as well – there is a handy tip in the editor.

Magnetic Lasso. The tool places points on the object as you mark its edges. You can move them to make the selection more precise.

Step 2: Refine Edges

I wasn’t able to select all the details at once, so, fortunately, there’s this step. Foreground and Background mask brushes help you mark the boundary between what you’re keeping and what you’re replacing. Another helpful brush – Hair Selection tool – is perfect if you change the background of a portrait. It enables you to easily select hair without marking the background.

Step 3: Set New Background

Now you can find a new image for the background. Add your own pic, or choose from the gallery as I did. Two other options:

  • make the background transparent to use the object in a collage
  • apply a solid color and then add other images

To make the montage more realistic blur and shift edges. Next – adjust colors to the new background. This is done with the help of 3 sliders on the right.

Step 4: Crop the Photo

The new background is bigger than the original photo, so I cropped it. Make sure there are no edges visible from the new background image.

Step 5: Hide Artifacts

No matter how hard you try, some of the details on the photo may prove that it’s fake. That’s why you need to hide them using tools from the Object Removal section. The Stamp tool will do – you need to select an area and copy it, painting over the defect.

Step 6: Finishing Touch

Add a filter or two, or play with Magic Enhance and other parameters. You can combine several filters, too. For instance, the effects on one of the photos above are a Wood color filter and a Shadow Corridor vignette. Another one has been enhanced automatically.

Finally, save your photo montage in any format or upload it to your Facebook page. Make everyone jealous:)



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    And to think there was once a time where we could trust what are eyes say...Goodbye to that...