Amazing Print Money at Home

Introduction: Amazing Print Money at Home

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Hi friends this is very amazing machine to print Money at home.

This is a prank which you show to your friends to amaze them it is very excited to see money printing

Step 1: First Have a Look of Video

I think you found this small machine very much interesting I am sure you Gonna make this
I below step we will see what item required and how to make this machine..
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Step 2: Material Required

1. A small metal case for foundation
2. Two acrylic strip approx 8 x 1.5 cm 3mm thickness
3. double side tape
4. Two same size pens
5. piece of hard wire
6. Dark color thin paper or polythene strip
7. One real currency note.
8. One note size paper piece

this all materials which I used to make this, it is more exciting that you can creatively try other options and share with us.

Step 3: Prepare Foundation

Bring any metal case I used here a CD drive metal case,
stick double sided tape on both adjacent sides of the case.
now stick acrylic stripes on this tape so it will look like as shown in picture.
your base is ready

now preparing rollers

Step 4: Rollers

measure distance between that two acrylic strip accordingly cut the pen from its tip side , so that pen can easily fit in between that two strips and rotate easily
After cutting both pen bring some pieces of wire make a handle like shape from wire insert this wire in the hole of pen,
make sure you insert wire by placing pen in between both strips
and handle of both pen are on opposite sides so they not foul each other
make sure roller rotate freely

now time to load magic black strip on roller

Step 5: Placing Magic Strip on Roller

so stick strip with upper roller using tape now rotate upper roller clockwise bind hole strip on it
not stick end of this strip to the lower roller and rotate this roller anticlockwise.
somewhere in between you can stop

Step 6: Final Step

After getting roller ready
bring a currency note place in in between both roller and rotate roller as that note get in side the strip and wind on upper roller.
now you machine is ready to prank with your friend...

now get that pice of white pare write note amount on it in place in between the rollers this time opposite side and rotate roller in reverse.....

and you will amaze to see note is look like printing

thanks friends for your attention
I might skip something recognize me if any .

thanks bye

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    3 Discussions

    Anirudh Ralhan
    Anirudh Ralhan

    3 years ago

    Good way to use a banned note ;)

    P.S I made a similar instructable before you did. Go check it out...


    3 years ago

    Great idea