Amazing Trick





Introduction: Amazing Trick

Heres a preview of the trick. Dont mind the ending.

In this video, the tape was put on the ceiling rather then behind my ear.

Step 1: First

Start off by getting the supplies that you need. You can get all of this at a magic shop or buy it at any store that may sell it.

1. Woody nylon (invisible thread)
2. Candle wax (Magician Wax)
3. Any light object
4. and tape

Step 2: Now

Take your woody nylon string and at the tip, you will have to try and gently pull out a small strand. (the string has about 100 strand all put together) Pulling out one should be pretty easy.

Step 3: Almost Done

When the small strand is removed, Take a piece of the magician wax and put it on one end of the string. (it will stick on) Then put a piece of tape on the other end of the small strand of string.

Step 4: Finally

Take the the end with the tape and place it behind your ear where it can't be seen. Then take the end with the wax and place it on the card. Now your ready to have fun.

Step 5: To Make It Clearer

If you are still stuck at a certain part. Here is a very clear video showing how to do it visually. If you like the instructable, please be so kind to rate it.



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    This is probably my favorite effect, sadly, the 5.95 plus tax was already in the hands of the seller... if only I saw this first!

    I bought a kit for this with several feet of invisible string and I think they ripped me off. Even if I use 3 strings they will immediatly break if I put weight on them (I dont even have to do a trick) Another place you can put it is under your shirt, then hang it on a button on the collar.

    um you spelled woody nylon wrong its actualy wooly nylon but still great job

    good job with the videos man its better to see it visualy than just looking at steps keep it up

    I think he did a good job of mixing how to do something with not telling the whole world how it's done exactly. I've been using my ear for years. Hadn't even considered the ceiling. That's what happens when magicians don't reveal their secrets.

    you are really supposed to put the wax on 1 of your thumbs and then run it over your head(you have to have hair) so you can make it go up and down to.well, like up onto your shoulder, or into your mouth.

    { I read over this and if you read it in a bad tone, it comes out sounding bad, but it really isn't supposed to be mean, just some CC. Read it in a happy voice and it sounds pretty } maybe change the title, because all it says is "Amazing Trick", and I for one, only clicked it to know what it was about, and then would exit it, because it probably would not interest me. maybe put "Amazing Card Trick", or "Amazing flying card Trick" or something along those lines. (Just a quick glance at the bottom of the page showed me some good title examples, they all say card (or coin, depending on the trick) and what happens, or a title that hits the action, so you read it to know more about what is going to happen. PetervG # made a good point that the instructable made no sense, maybe add another step at the beginning explaining what you were going to do. and remember, when you are witting an instructable, odds are that you are going to try to explain something to someone who knows nothing about the subject/ or very little about how you got to the final result, and what to know the whys behind it. I always think as if i am explaining it to a patient (that means they are the quiet ones) elementary schooler, you need to give them all the information, because they ask why a lot, and say it in a way that they can understand, because they probably (and if they do it doesn't hurt to hear it again) don't know what everything does, and why does this happen to that. Wow, this sounds sort of mean, but it is really not supposed to be. Sorry if you take it that way, but it is completely not supposed to be.

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    Nah man, its all constructive criticism to make future insctructables better. Thanks for writing it all out man.