Amazing Flower Pop Up Card.




Make an amazing flower pop up card.
You need 10 piece of normal printer paper.

for paper rose ball

for cool paper cd case

for paper snowflake 3d

the other paper crafts videos

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Step 1: First Piece of Paper .

Fold as on foto.

Step 2: 9 Piece of Paper.

All 9 piece you must fold this way.
Eight of them you need vully.
One of them you need only half.

Step 3: First Pice of Paper and the First Flower

You have 1 piece of paper 8 flower and 1 half flower.
Take the first pice of paper and the first flower.
You see point where you must use glue.

Step 4: 8 Flowers

The Points schow you where you must use glue.
Make this way all 8 flowers.

Step 5: The Last One

Now you have only half flower.
Put the glue as on foto.

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59 Discussions


10 years ago on Introduction

I tried to make this several times but when it gets finished the last half flower doesn't get glued.... I tried using fevicol, double sided tape, and glue drops but none work...please tell me what to do.

1 reply

4 years ago on Introduction

Really fun project! Made one for my friend. I do wish that the spelling had been checked though. (Photo, not foto).


7 years ago on Step 5

Awesome intructable!!!!!!!!!!!
It took me about 40mins to follow your steps and made one myself~
Pretty wonderful,thank you!~

Instructions are easy to follow, don't be dumb and not actually look where to glue. Also, if you see the last picture, the paper has been cut so that a flower shape is at the head, clearly not the "star shape" which we see on the individual flowers. Brains people.....brains.


Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

she puts glue in 4 petals, pastes the next paper-flower and puts glue in THE OTHER 4 petals next time


11 years ago on Introduction

i tried to make this and everything was working until i tried to open the card. it couldn't open and no matter how careful or hard i tried it didn't look like the picture. nice instructable but hard...?

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Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

Only apply glue on the ink dots - not all over the section. So - just one drop of glue on top of the blue dots. Hope this helps!


8 years ago on Introduction

The first picture ( which shows what you should have in the end ) and the last picture doesnt match.
In the first picture, the papers look like flowers.
But in reality, they look like stars.