Amazing Knex Tank, VERY Simple!!




This is a simple multi terrain very strong knex tank. It uses only 79 peices. 34 of them are chain links. This is my first instructable so go easy on me. Any comments or tips to make it more efficient are welcome.

Step 1: Gather Your Peices

Here is what you need.

Step 2: Build the Top of the Tank

This step uses 12 pieces

Step 3: Building the Part Where the Motor Connects

Build this step using 1 green rod, 2 of the gears, 2 yellow connectors, the motor, 4 of the wierd black pieces, 2 of the wierd gray connectors, 2 cream colored thingies, and 1 gray rod (stuck into the top of the motor). 15 total pieces.

Step 4: Building the Front Wheels

This step uses 2 wierd gray connectors, 1 brown connector, 1 green rod, 2 yellow connectors, 2 gears, and 2 wierd black things. That is 10 pieces.

Step 5: Connect the Back and Front Wheels With Two Yellow Rods

That is 2 pieces for you people who hate math. :)

Step 6: Put a Gray Rod on Top of Each Yellow Connector

(that is 4 pieces total)

Step 7: Connect the Gray Rod in the Motor With the Brown Connector on the Front Wheels

Use a gray rod and a brown connector as shown.

Step 8: Put 17 Chain Links on Ech Set of Wheels and Put the Top On.

The top goes on the 4 gray rods. Also connect the battery case with the back blue rod on the top.

Step 9: Add the Gun Holder on the Front Blue Rod.

Use a wierd black thing and a gray connector.

Step 10: Make the Gun

Use a long gray rod, a blue rod, and a brown connector. That is three pieces.

Step 11: Connect the Gun to the Gun Holder

Slip the gun into the gun holder as shown.

Step 12: Here Is How It Runs.

It can carry up to 10.5 pounds!!



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    9 years ago on Step 1

    The 'weird cream coloured peices' are axel clips.