Amazon D.O.T (Device of Transit)

Introduction: Amazon D.O.T (Device of Transit)

I got my new Amazon Echo today, now you folks have seen where I modded an Echo into a waterproof enclosure for my hot tub, Well I saw the Echo DOT would fit PERFECTLY into my cup holder and the idea was born!

Step 1: The Cup Holder Assistant

In the future I will add a Low profile angled micro USB adapter so I can turn the unit to proper orientation, But as a fit test this worked great, I used my iphone as a wifi hotspot, and my car as the bluetooth speaker.

Went for a quick drive around the area and it worked flawlessly!

Step 2: The Demo

The video speaks for itself!


My NEXT instructable....


A portable battery insert for the echo dot, so you can play your music anywhere!!



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    4 Discussions

    Sorry but this is not exactly an instructables, anyone can simply buy it and plug-n-play

    1 reply

    I have done 34 instructables, Some of them have been taking common items, and combining them to make something new, The beauty of this place is to take something that it was NOT INTENDED FOR and adapting it.

    So its plug and play.... ?

    Hello Macgreek, sorry for thisbut... where is the Instructables guide...?

    1 reply

    you plop it in, and you plug it in... Its the Idea here that is radical, the 'work' took me under three minutes.

    I hope that answers your question