Amazon Echo on Raspberry Pi


Introduction: Amazon Echo on Raspberry Pi

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This is a quick tutorial on install Alexa Voice Service to your Raspberry Pi creating your very own Amazon ECHO!! Thanks for the view!**You can also download the Amazon Alexa App for your phone to configure / interface with your raspberry echo!. it will be listed as a new device!!

raspbian jessie:



Raspberry Pi 2:

USB Sound card:

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I got ahead of myself and finished the installation and connected to the internet, as your tutorials last step shows. I still haven't received my USB sound card for the mic and speaker output. I have never been able to get a sound out of my Raspberry Pi's 1/8 inch jack or HDMI, even using Wheezy, either, and am hopping the USB soundcard will solve that for me. Does anybody know if installing the soundcard, after the installation of all the AlexaPi and Jessie software ect., will work or be able to make work?

Being still a novice, the only thing I had to dig up was the command to get my IP address off my Raspberry, and that was "hostname -I" Thanks for the lesson it was nice and detailed

I got this error:

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "./", line 3, in <module>

import cherrypy

ImportError: No module named cherrypy


how do i install cherry pi? Excuse the noob question :)

Hey, I managed to setup Alexa on my Raspberry Pi by following all the instructions that you have provided in this video without any errors. After manually executing the script in the terminal, I tried to connect GPIO pin 18(#12) & GPIO pin 3(#5) and spoke my command into the USB microphone. Unfortunately there was no output audio. I know my Audio Jack of my RasPi is working properly since I played a couple of YouTube videos just to test whether the audio was working fine.

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Your video really seems to explain the installation and code process very well. Could you add a couple of steps regarding setting up the USB microphone, the PushButton, Autuomatically Starting the Program on Boot,How to try out a command,etc

Do you think is possible to install an infrared relay as a push button instead?

Messages Image(1675411726).png
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Do not need a relay, just an IR remote and an IR sensor on RPi GPIO

So this requires a push button to trigger listening? So this is more of an "Amazon Tap" then an Echo?

I'm on university WiFi, and I'm not sure I can assign a manual ip to my raspberry pi without messing up the system. Any way around this?

Thank you again for this great instructable! Here's my finished one and a link to it in action at youtube:


Ouch. I put this together as your video instructs but got an error in the setup for line 32 and line 38. I see others have had this issue but can't see where/if there is a fix. Please advise. Thanks!

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i have just updated the source code to fix this issue. please let me know if this helps

where is the video link?

Thank you for this! FYI - I'm using the Raspberry Pie as a go-between (HA bridge) with the Harmony Hub to control all home entertainment stuff. Works much better than IFTTT. Wondering if installing this on the Pi, then installing the HA bridge could act as an all-in-one thus eliminating the physical Echo all together?

can you elaborate more on the specific steps to take to make this happen? additional hardware requirements or options?