Amber's Oak & Acrylic Cage and Cabinet

Introduction: Amber's Oak & Acrylic Cage and Cabinet

Here is a beautiful Oak cage and cabinet with all acrylic panels. The back and side panels have predrilled ventilation holes. There are two friendly feeders and perches on the lower right side of the cage. The tow front panels open completely as access doors. The slide out drawer has a removable stainless steel screen cover. The top also has stainless steel screen. The wood inside has been completely covered with acrylic to protect from her bird's chewing. Supporting the cage is a matching storage cabinet on casters.

Dimensions: Total of 75 inches from floor to top. The cabinet is 17 inches tall and the cage is 58 inches tall. It is 32 inches wide and 32 inches deep.

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Step 1: Cabinet Assembly

Find the bottom cabinet piece and turn it over to attach the casters, using the silver panhead caster screws. Then turn over and find the front, back, and side panels. Start with the back and attach the lower crosspiece below the plywood bottom using 1 1/4" screws. Proceed with the right and left sides, finishing with the front panel and doors.

Top it off with the 1/4" plywood piece and attach using 1" screws. Cabinet is done.

Step 2: Attach Plexiglass, Friendly Feeders, and Perches to Panels

The plexiglass pieces are marked to match the corresponding panels. The marked side goes facing the inside of the cage with the tape towards the top. Line up the predrilled holes and attach using the short black panhead screws.

The Friendly Feeders go in Panel B with the big precut openings. The feeders have their own little hardware and the perches go below them using the wingnuts.

Step 3: Cage Assembly

Lay the cage bottom on the cabinet and let the back hang over a little so you can use the 2" screws to attach Panel A. Come from under the bottom into the panel using the predrilled holes. Then attach Panel B clockwise from A. Once again, let that side overhang and attach the 2" screws. Then, attach Panel B to A using 1 5/8" screws in the predrilled hole in the upper corner. Do the same with the other side, Panel C.

Slide the drawer and screen cover in place to check for clearance on the sides. You may have to loosen and adjust the side panels to ensure easy movement of the drawer. Then use plexi spacers to set Panel D on top of the drawer, leaving a 1/8" gap between drawer and panel. Attach from Panels B and C into D using 1 5/8" screws, making sure the tops of the panels are even.

Then attach top layer of panels; AA, BB, CC, and DD. Use 1 5/8" screws from the top crossbars of the lower panels into the bottom crossbars of the top panels. Attach side scews just like before.

Then the top piece slips over the panels and is secured by 1 1/4" screws.

That's it!! Enjoy!!

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