Ambient Light Sculpture Out of Old Mixtapes _ Not Just´s More About the Shadow

i found a bunch of old mixtapes from my fathers good old times and i couldn´t throw them i startet to use them as a kind of bricks to build an ambient light sculpture with a super nice patterned shadow for my music corner.

Step 1: Materials You Need

_a bunch of mixtapes ( all kind of colours )

_laces, cable fixers or however you name them

_a light source



Step 2: Start Building...

start with a plane & squared format. afterwards bend and form them. let your creativity rock the whole procedure.

don´t tie the laces too strong. better to wait until you found your final arrangement.

Step 3: The Arrangement & the Light Part

i chose to build something like a tower, eight tapes in a row, 12 rows high.

pull the laces tight.

install the light and hang it into the sculpture you built. see other instructables for electric installations.

Step 4: Enjoy the Atmosphere...



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