Ambient Mood Picture With Remote



Introduction: Ambient Mood Picture With Remote

This instructable will guide you through the process of making your very own Ambient mood picture!

Want to create a unique mood light effect or a special night light? You are in the right place.

This came into existence quite accidentally, the missis commented on my desktop wallpaper, saying she really likes it.
So as a gift, i decided to have it printed on a canvas and framed for her.
I had an orphan LED strip just laying around and i was curious if the light could be seen through the canvas printing.

And this is the final result....
(Sorry that the image quality is not better, that's the best my phone could do)

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Step 1: The Materials


1 Canvas printing of your choice stretched on a wooden frame. (~30$) Made by a local print shop.

1 SMD RGB LED strip 5050 1m (3FT)
1 IR remote controller, i used a 24 key, other kinds are available
1 LED controller
I got these as a set off eBay although they can be purchased separately.(~6$)

1 EU 100-240V AC to DC 12V 1000mA 1A Power Adapter Plug (Or U.S. equivalent ) (~3$) on eBay

5-10 Small screws
50 cm of copper wire, or any other bendable soft metal


1 Phillips screwdriver
1 Wire cutter
1 Pliers

Step 2: The Picture

First of all we need a framed picture to work with, i got a canvas printed and framed in a local print shop.
The wooden frame is about 3cm (1 Inch) wide.
The canvas is stretched over the picture frame so to make the frame invisible.

Be sure to choose a picture with a lot of various colors, then all the lighting effects will be more noticeable.

Step 3: Assembling of the Led Strip

First, connect the power adapter to the LED controller.
Next, connect the led strip to the controller and turn it on to make sure it works.
If the led strip does not turn on, flip the connection like when connecting a USB.

Ok, now that we have the canvas picture and the led strip working, lets combine the two.

Step 4: Hooking Up the Frame to the Strip

Picture 1. The end result.

Pictures 2-3. Start by choosing a location for your LED controller.
Screw 2 screws into the frame and secure the led controller to the frame using the copper wire and the screws
Tip: Place the controller in such a place that is not between the led strip and the canvas, since then it will block the light of the strip in that part.

Picture 4. Screw 2 screws in the middle of the frame's top part. Attach the copper wire to the screws and shape the wire so you can hang the picture using this part on the wall.

Picture 5. Screw 3 screws in the South, East and West parts of the frame, the picture shows the the East part of my picture, the other sides should be done similarly.

Screw the screws as close to the canvas as possible since you would like to have the led strip about 1cm away from the canvas to create a uniform light effect, having the led strip too close to the canvas results in dots of light instead of a uniform spread of light.
Play a bit with the distances to see what distance works best for you.

Once the screws are in, wrap some copper wire around them and bend the wire so the LED strip holds firmly in place

Picture 6. I used two additional screws in the top part of the frame so that the LED strip created an oval shape. You could skip this step but without it the light will be the shape of a rhombus and not oval, which looks not as good in my opinion.

Picture 7. Lightly tuck the IR eye between the frame and the canvas facing outwards.

Picture 8. Make sure the adapter is connected to controller .

Step 5: Congratulations!

You are done

Hang on the wall of your choice and enjoy.

Again, sorry for the quality of the images and video, it looks much better live.

Preview I:

Preview II:

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