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About: hello.. im naveen surya, a post graduate in MBA Media & Entertainment.. I have a passion towards films, wood carving, football...

My best works are always with ambigram keychains... ive given a lot as gifts to family n friends and each response is huge... so if you know what an ambigram well n good ... if you dont its simple == ITS THE SAME WORD WHEN REVERSED... chk out angels and demons novel...  And when you make one you would love the art of carving and stylish writing...

when checking out this instructable try to tilt you head as if to upside on the image itll read "NAVEEN" both ways and its my name...


Step 1: Samples- NAVEEN (mine) & YUVA(my Frnds)

these two are my favs and they came out really well..... if you look at image with your head tilted to view upside down it ll read the same word...or you could save the image and rotate it to see if it does...

Step 2: Step 1

If you are well versed in stylish writing its good ... if you dont know type in your name in an ambigram generator in the net and copy the design but try to modify it ....

flipscript is one such good ambigram generator...

So ive given an easy design spelling "GOD" ... trace the design on a wood piece...

Step 3: Step 2

Trace the design on the wood piece... and with a help of a cutter make markings of the design ... then start carving....for deeper cuts make incisions deep ...

Step 4: Step 3

Make deep cuts for better depth and for a 3d like view.... ive just taken the GOD design as a sample ... the end product should look like the completed one...

Step 5: Step 4

use a sand paper to make it smooth and make drill a hole for the key chain joints.... and use a wood shiner for a good outcome...

Step 6: Step 5

add the key chian joint to the wood piece and voila you have your new ambigram keychain....



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    andrea biffi

    3 years ago

    very nice! I love them!


    3 years ago

    Mail me at


    Reply 3 years ago

    hi sorry for the delay...
    yes I do.... if you need any design let me know... or we can collaborate... I'm based in India- southern part... Regards


    Reply 3 years ago

    Awesome, i would like it to say jason and other way Jami. Is there another way we can talk about all this privately, maybe email?

    sorry for te delay.. din logon for 2 days...the wood should be a soft one meaning that we should able to carve ... so select different types of wood blocks and with a knife try to slice an edge ... the smoothest one is te best