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  This picture is one of my hull concepts for the america's cup contest. I have already performed flow analysis on the layout and is very efficient.  I have added a unified flexible member for stability, as you can see in the center of the catamaran design. The combined member should add additional stability under way. This will twist and flex, in the center section, making it fly through the water giving lift and added stability to the craft. This will cause the section to work as a wing and pull the craft up or down depending on the angle of attack. This will be a stabilizing effect. You could also use this to help with the rolling of the craft due to high seas or high winds. no more need to hang your self over the side while the pontoon rises out of the water. The design will allow for just enough of the pontoon to rise in order  to gain the lower drag coefficients that are indicative of the twin hull design when riding on one pontoon. The added contours of the hulls show how it can cut through the water with minimal wake and drag. I also would like to add that the surface will be pockmarked with tens of thousands of divets this will create a golf ball effect and lower drag by as much as 10% overall.  This detail will be added to the model later. 

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    Dan Elliott

    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is the kind of experimental foil design I would like to try on my RC Wing Sail Cat. It has removable daggerboards and adaptable wells and Hull sets. One could create a number of foils to try out as well as rudders. Great job, I will be watching with interest. Good Luck.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Yes however I have not received confirmation on its posting to the contest page just yet.