Amigurumi Macarons

I think these would be really adorable if you add snap on eyes and a little mouth...anthropomorphic macs!  I would add them prior to sewing the shell to the ganache.

These little babies dangle from my purse :)

Originally from my blog, which is why they don't have cute ami faces, but they would be adorable with faces!:

for the shells, make 2
Ch 2
sc 6 in the 2nd stitch from the hook
2 sc in each sc (12)
Sc 12
Bind off
Chain 12, being careful not to twist, join and sc 12, sc 12 again, bind off.
The tricky bit is sewing the shell to the ganache, I flipped the edge up and sewed the chocolate to the inside of the shell and flipped the edge down.
Sadly this took way less time than baking a batch.

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