Amigurumi Nun (Poor Clare Order)

Introduction: Amigurumi Nun (Poor Clare Order)

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The Poor Clare Nuns were started by a friend of St. Francis (St. Clare). This one I made wears the habit of St. Colette's reform. More info on the day in the life of the Poor Clare Colettines can be found here:

And here's a brief history of them:

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this project!

Step 1: Supplies

-Grey, Black, Creme, and White Yarn

- Scissors

- C2/2.75 mm Crochet Hook

- Safety Eyes (These are optional, as I just made eyes with the black yarn because I wanted my nun to look more Asian.)

- Rosary Bracelet

- Sewing Needle (must be large enough to thread yarn through)

Not Pictured:

- Gold Yarn

- Stuffing (I used old PJs that had been cut up)

Step 2: Head

1. With white yarn, sc 5 in magic ring.

2. [sc2 in one st] 5x (10).

3. [sc2 in one st] 10x (20).

4. [sc3, s2 in next st] 5x (25).

5. [sc4, sc2 in next st] 5x, changing to cream yarn in last st (30).

6. sc9, sc2 in next st, sc3, changing to white yarn. Sc 6, sc 2 in next st, sc 9, sc 2 in next st, changing to crème yarn (14 crème + 19 white = 33).

7-9. sc14, changing to white yarn. sc19, changing to crème yarn. (14 crème + 19 white = 33).

10. sc9, dec 1, sc3, changing to white yarn. sc6, dec1, sc9, dec1, changing to crème yarn.

11. [sc4, dec1] twice, sc1, changing to white yarn. sc3, dec1, [sc4, dec1] twice, changing to crème yarn in the last stitch (11 crème + 14 white = 25).

12. [sc3, dec1] twice, sc1, changing to white yarn. sc2, dec1, [sc3, dec1] twice, changing to crème yarn in the last stitch (9 crème + 11 white = 20).

13. [sc2, dec1] twice, sc1, changing to white yarn. Sc1, dec1, [sc2, dec1] twice (7 crème + 8 white + 15).

Fasten off. Attach eyes and stuff head.

Step 3: Body

This part is made from the bottom up.

1. With grey yarn, sc5 in magic ring (5).

2. [sc2 in one stitch] 5x (10).

3. [sc1, sc2 in next stitch] 5x (15).

4. [sc2, sc2 in next st] 5x (20).

5. [sc3, sc2 in next st] 5x (25).

6. In back loops only, sc25 (25).

7-11. sc25 (25).

12. [sc3, dec1] 5x (20).

13. [sc2, dec1] twice. Sc2, dec1, sc2. Dec1, sc2, dec1 (15).

Fasten off, leaving a tail for sewing.

Step 4: Skirt

Create a surface chain around the body 4 rows up from the bottom row (25). Continue to use crochet following along the surface chain:

1-3. sc25 (25).

4. [sc3, sc2 in next st] 5x (30).

5-7. Sc 30 (30).

8. [(sc, hdc, sc) in next st, sl st in next st] 15x.

Fold the skirt out as shown. Stuff the body.

Step 5: Veil

1. With black yarn, sc5 in magic ring (5).

2.[sc2 in one stitch] 5 times (10).

3. [sc2 in one stitch] 10 times (20).

4. [sc3, sc2 in next st] 5 times (25).

5. [sc4, sc2 in next st] 5 times (30).

6. sc 10, ch1, turn (30).

7. [sc2, inc1] across (15).

8-23. sc 15, turn (15). Fasten off.

Note: I neglected to write down how exactly to do the veil so I had to eyeball the pattern. But it should turn out fine!

Step 6: Cord/Rosary

With gold yarn, make a cow hitch knot around the skirt as shown (but on the left hand side, not the right as the picture shows). Leave an extra bit hanging off and tie four knots on it. These symbolize the four vows that PCC nuns make: poverty, chastity, obedience, and enclosure.

This is a little like trying to write out how to tie a shoelace, so check out the picture.

All righty, now tie your rosary bracelet through the cord on the opposite side from the knots.

Step 7: Bodice

1. Ch2, make three sc in second ch from hook. Ch1, turn.

2. *sc in next st, make two sc in the next st,* repeat from * across.

3. [sc 2, 2sc in next st] around.

4. [sc3, 2sc in next st] around (15).

Fasten off.

Step 8: Putting It All Together

If the body and head are sufficiently stuffed, whipstitch them together. Attach the veil to the head, and sew the bodice on the front as shown.

And that's it! You could make a novice nun (a nun who hasn't made vows yet) by crocheting the veil white instead of black (I think white veils is what engaged ladies wore over their heads and black is what married ladies wore over their heads in some cultures, which is where the nuns get it: they're betrothed and then wed to Christ.)

I'm going to give this one to my sister with Down Syndrome for Christmas.

If you make it, please post some pics!


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