Amigurumi and the Perils of Deep Sea Diving

Introduction: Amigurumi and the Perils of Deep Sea Diving

About: Hi! I dream of someday becoming a mad scientist. …or a llama farmer. …or a mad llama scientist. For now, I craft and write patterns. … It could be said that I pursue my goals by odd means. :)

Follow along as our intrepid deep sea diver discovers the dangers lurking in the deep.

All items were made and designed by me using my Clover Soft Touch US Size E (3.5 mm) hook, and stuffed using polyester fiberfill.  Some of the crochet patterns which I used here are available online, and I have included links where applicable.  Some patterns have not yet been released.  :)

Also, because I am exceedingly lazy, the speech bubbles were made using a tool available here:

Deep Sea Diver:
Measures about 4.5" tall.
Made using Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Hazelnut, Maize, and Almond
(Pattern not yet available)

Measures about 4.25" long and 3" wide.
Made using Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Stone
Pattern available here:

Measures about 2" tall and  about 5.5" across.
Made using Lily Sugar'n Cream in Hot Green/Hot Blue and in Hot Pink/Hot Blue
(Pattern not yet available, but similar to:

Measures about 3.5" across and 7" long.
Made using Lily Sugar'n Cream in Tea Rose and Warm Brown
Pattern available here:

Sea Monster:
Measures about 12" tall and 16" across.
Made using Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Azalea and Berry
(Pattern not yet available)

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    As soon as the pattern is available, I will be sticking a copy to the lid of Kitewife's workbox as a very large hint.

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