Amish Cat Bonnet

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I love dressing my cat up, so I decided to make an Amish cat bonnet because it makes him look funny. XD this can also be used on a AG doll too

Step 1:

Here is how to make an Amish cat bonnet! In the Lancaster style!

What you'll need

Sewing machine
Muslin or cotton

So the first steps is finding one you like online and making a pattern!! My patter consists of 2 pieces

One long rectangular piece that measures 13 inches long by an inch or two

And a second piece that has a curved shape with a flat bottom, this one is difficult but here are the measurements

3-1/2 inches long bottom flat piece
4-1/2 inches curved sides
4 inches slightly curved top

But it's pretty easy to make if you do it by eye also

Step 2:

Cut the pieces out and iron on the interfacing, don't worry about sloppy pieces we will fix that later

Step 3:

Once you've ironed the pieces, cut the rough outside lines straighter and more professional

Step 4:

Now start sewing your seams! First sew two seams on both long sides of the strip piece

Then sew a tiny folded over line around the outside of the bonnet back piece, one you've finished with this fold the bonnet in half and cut a small divot out of the top so it looks more heart shaped

Step 5:

Now comes the extremely tricky part, putting the nice seamed sewn sides together, sew both outside seams on the two pieces together , it will get harder as you go because it will start to bubble

Pay good attention to the top part where the heart shape is,

Step 6:

Once the seams are sewn, cut off the excess on the long top strip, and sew seams on the bottom of both strips

Also fix any holes you missed along sewing the curve

Then at the top make a small fold on the inside and sew that to make more of a heart shaped bubble in the front

Step 7:

Add strings!!

Step 8:

The positioning is hardest, since my cats head has a curve on the back it's hard to place a straight bonnet back on his head, what I've found worked best was covering the ears and pulling it back a bit,

Step 9:

Wear and laugh.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Yep...he looks "plain." =)

    There is something precious about the typical cat "Now I'm just putting up with you" look...