Ammo Can Bluetooth Boombox

Introduction: Ammo Can Bluetooth Boombox


Here is another simple ammo box instructable. I built this with the intent to keep things simple as possible and to have a WW2 war torn look to the box. I chose to use a small Altec Lansing mini Bluetooth speaker, an ammo box, Acrylic paint, Spray Paint, and a flexible glue. Any bluetooth speaker will work, it just depends on what you can fit into the box and what you want to spend.


-Ammo Can

-Bluetooth Speaker

-Spray Primer

-120 grit sand paper

-Spray Paint of your choice

-Acrylic Paint of your choice

-Card stock or Cardboard for a stencil

-Rubber glue or a flexible glue of your choice

-Painters tape

-Cutting Oil



- Jig Saw

-Dremel tool, with grinding bit

-A drill bit large enough to make a hole that your jig saw blade can fit into.

-Clamps to hold your box in place

-Marker or pencil

Step 1

Get supplies and tools together.

Srep 2

Make a stencil by tracing around the speaker box. You can make the stencil from cardboard or card stock paper. Cut out the middle of the shape you created. Check if the speaker fits snugly in the template you created.

Step 3

Once you have created a proper template, place it on the location where you want to install the speaker. Trace the shape of the speaker and remove the template.

Step 4

Clamp down ammo can and add a little cutting oil to the spot you want to drill. Slowly drill a hole in the middle of the speaker shape.

Step 5

Place jig saw in the hole and begin to cut diagonal to each corner. Then cut out the middle pieces one by one.

Step 6

Carefully use the dremel tool to smooth out the ruff edges left by the jig saw.

Step 7

Tape off the spots you do not want painted.

Step 8

Scuff up the spots you plan to paint and wipe off the any dust created.

Step 9

I chose to hand paint a pin-up design and other WW2 nose art markings. I also used spray paint to create oil stain markings. Create whatever you want. Slowly pieel off painters tape while paint is still tacky, then let paint dry thoroughly.

Step 10

Place glue around the speaker and mount. Squeeze speaker into place and the glue dry to specified time recommended.

Step 11

Enjoy your new ammo can speaker box!

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