Ammo-Can Speaker Box-By Jake Sipowicz the Revolverspaz

I took an ammocan (.30Cal) Altho i would recomend upgrading for a 50cal one for the fact of more availabe space internally.
i took the speakers apart so that it was only the speakers wires transformer and circut board
i measured the speakers and marked the holes on the can, so that they are all lined up and symetrical and luckily there was a drill bit
that was the exact size needed i then filed down the edges so there wasnt any jagged edges that would tear the speakers to shreds
i then drilled the holes for the skrews to hold them in, i also at this time drilled out the holes for the cables make sure you have everythin visualized in your head thuro and dont drill out the holes untill you take the parts and hold em up to the box.
then to make sure your sound isnt interfeired mount everything completley with hot glue, or you will have to use a cloth like i did.
for the speaker gaurd i was takin apart a gasmask filter the same day and there was these round plastic screens that are the perfect size for what i needed. so i used them. then when all else was done and said, along came what you see in the pictures. and even my shop teacher was suprised at the bass and clarity of the music.



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    You should waterproof the speakers and the hole you made for the wires. The speakers can easily be waterproofed by laying down a coat or two of waterproof urethane seal or liquid latex. The hole for the wires can probably be sealed with a plastic or rubber fitting and some aquarium glue.

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    yeah i was thinkin about doing that but i ran out of class time, how much is aquarium glue? where do i get it?


    ok cool, any ideas on what i can use to make a plug fitting for the cable holes? yeah i love these speakers, they are perfect for pretty much anything just plug it in and yu have music, it sounds pretty good with any music especaily (hed)p.e. and anykind of music