Amplified Stereo Bluetooth Speaker With Tone Control

Introduction: Amplified Stereo Bluetooth Speaker With Tone Control

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We are with the new project using the tone control circuit."AMPLIFIED STEREO BLUETOOTH SPEAKER WITH TONE CONTROL". With the advancing technology, we see bluetooth devices increasing in importance, also in speaker systems.You can listen to the music you want by using Bluetooth on your mobile phone.Tone control also allows you to set the required bass, treble and volume. In addition to all these, you will have a higher and stronger signal with the amplifier circuit we use in the project, and you will disturb your neighbors.

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Step 1: How to Make This Project?

If you want to make this project, you will see each details on video. And also ı will share step by step project details....Go on follow me...

Step 2: What Materials Do You Need ?

If you decided to make this project, you need some materials. You can see materials in pictures. And list below.

- Ton control circuit

- Car Bluetooth Module

- Amplifier control circuit

- Speaker Terminal

- Stereo Jack

- 3D Printed Box


If you decided to make this project, you will need a tone control card. So, you dont have yet? Dont worry. I make this one. You can see on video. All equipments and LYT files in here. It is very simple card. Dont think, just do it...

Step 4: 3D Printed Box

As you can see on pictures, We have to need a box. We draw on solid works and printed on 3D Printer. I will share on next steps files. Dont worry.

Step 5: And Starting Project...

And now, We have a tone control, a amplifier card , box and others. See picture, assemble ton control card, amplifier and box. But how can I do it? Circuit chematics in pictures. You will find it. You can use video. Will help.

Step 6: Boxing ...

We finished electronic card. And must be seem like pictures. And try a music.

Step 7: Let's Play a Music

Firstly, we are opening bluetooth device. and searching... In pictures, you will see steps.

- Open Bluettoth Settings

- Find Device as "BLUETOOTH"

- Connect

- Choose a Music

If you want to change sound, you can use ton control's switches. Volume up-down, bass - treble high - low. Your choise.

Let's Play a Music and ENJOY....

Step 8: All Required Files

in this step, you will find 3d printer files as .stl , electronic layouts, and circuits.

Thanks for patience :D

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