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Introduction: Amplify Car Remote Distance With Your Brain!!

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You're in a crowded parking lot and forgot where you parked your car. You try pushing the button on your remote, but the car is apparently too far away. You can spend the next thirty minutes racing up and down the parking lot, holding your arm in the air, hitting the button furiously, and looking foolish (we've all been there, don't worry, LOL)...OR, you can use YOUR BRAIN!

Step 1: The Technique...

Most car remotes can only go about 50-65 feet from your car before they stop working. Some people don't even get that far (maybe your battery is dying on your remote, or it needs replacing, etc?).

Whatever the case is for you, as long as your remote is working from any distance, this will help to amplify that distance for your remote, whether by 5 or 20 feet! When I got as far as the remote would work (with using my brain), it was about 85 feet away (20 feet out of the normal range). :)

Simply put the remote up to your head (let's just say around your temple area), and click the button.

VOILA! It works!

Put your remote to the test by stepping back (like I do in the video below) to see how far you can get using this technique. Mechanics looking for a customer's car often times will use this approach.

Some people say to put it under your chin or up to your cheek, but if these techniques work, it's for the same reason as this one. If they don't work, it's typically because they aren't having the remote close enough to your brain to accomplish the following things...

Step 2: WHY It Works...

Your brain is about 75% water. Most speculate that the radio transmitter (aka the remote for your car) is using the WATER in your brain to be amplified by focusing the radio waves, thus reaching a greater distance then you could normally reach.

Here's a site, you can explore for yourself, where people did experiments with this idea and gave their best scientific reasoning as to why it works:

The best thing you can do is to TRY IT FOR YOURSELFand conduct your own scientific experiment :) You can include your kids in it, too!

Step 3: Voila!

Well, there you have it! You could also use a full water bottle (if you have that on hand) instead of your brain. It's the same principle.

This technique is convenient, and possibly life-saving.

People have been in situations before such as the following: A lone woman walks around the corner of a parking garage at night. She notices a man trying to break into her car. She tries to push the "alarm" button on her remote in an attempt to scare him off, only to find she is out-of-range. With this technique, she can quickly make her alarm sound without coming any closer to the vehicle and thus staying out of harm's way.

What other situations would you find this technique useful? Let me know below :)



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    Nice! I've seen this been done before, but I always wondered why it works. Thank you for explaining the science behind it! This was my new fact of the day today!

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    Some interesting science to note: Radio waves do not pass through water very far. So, I do not know why a water bottle would make it work better. Not saying it doesn't, just saying it should cause more interference than help, but since we're only talking about a few inches, who knows?

    Anyways, radio waves DO pass through water just NOT very far. That is why they use sonar (sound waves) for vehicle tracking under water and not radar (radio waves) like they do for vehicles in the air. Also, that's why submarines have to use a tethered or buoyed antenna to send/receive radio calls when they are submerged. They float an antenna to the surface that is attached to the submarine and reel it in when they are through.

    Thanks for sharing this helpful instructable. I'll have to try this out when I get a chance.

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    2 years ago

    I work with radio waves all day long. Hate to break it to you, but the popular myth of water in your brain amplifying the signal. Is just that a myth. There's a couple of theories on why this works.

    #1 your cranium acts as a reflector concentrating the wave... Most likely not, that wave is usually around 60 to 70cm. Your head is usually in the mid 20cms. The math here just doesn't work.

    Theory #2 this is kinda two in one, and easier to perform at home .. Unless you have a bare skull at home andthen I have other questions for you. This theory is that you're changing the orientation of the antenna. Normally your remote when you hold it button up, the internal antenna is horizontal. The antenna in your car is vertical at the top of your car (in most cases). There's also the added possibility of the fact that when holding it normally it is below the roof level of most vehicles. So there are many vehicles in a parking lot to block your signal. When you raise the remote to your head in most cases the remote is now above the other vehicles giving you better chance of your car receiving the signal. Remember metal blocks and reflects rf, this is why antennas are usually mounted to the glass or the exterior of your car.

    And theory #3 your body and specifically skin is an excellent antenna. Imho this is the most likely scenario. Remember those old rabbit style TV or radio antennas? Remember the frustration of getting one all set taking a step back and bam static again? But then as soon as you touched the antenna your chanel comes in Crystal clear?!?! Well your body was acting as an extension of the antenna. In fact most car remotes are slightly detuned knowing that when you hold it your body is going to change the effectiveness of the internal antenna. Try using other body parts, fingers, arms legs, belly... Should work as well.

    All that said. I really try to avoid introducing more rf to my head than absolutely necessary. Even though these are low power devices. Idk intentionally blasting radiation at my head just doesn't seem like a great idea. Instead try wrapping your pointer finger around the front of your remote, place your thumb on the desired button but don't press. Raise the remote in the air pointing it straight up and press the button. . It should work just the same.

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    Also, just for the record, I said that "most speculate" that it's the water. Never claimed that as fact. That's why I encouraged everyone to test it out themselves, and look at the research on this in the link I attached. It does work through a water bottle though, so I don't know. Thanks again :) It's good to learn and reason together!

    I've had most luck utilizing my jaw bone. This was a trick told to me by a friend that is a car salesman. He stated that they had been told in training that the jaw bone amplifies the signal transmitted by the remote. He also stated that everyone at his lot uses this most during the real cold weather and/or right after snow storms when trying to locate any specific vehicles to defrost.
    Works for me over 90% as long as I am mindful that the attack transmitter is really only good for ~150'. Aftermarket systems can be void for literally up to about a mile.

    I have always held up my arm when pressing car remote. I am looking for a little car(once it was a minivan) usually surrounded by big pick-up trucks and SUVS. I thought I had a better chance doing this. Thank you for your sharing your knowledge. I no longer feel slightly ridiculous, which at 60 also allows me to seem cool to friends and family when I share this.

    Lol. If you don't want to "blast" radiation to your head intentionally (for the occasional times you would ever use this low radiation device), then you may want to stop using your cell phone :) I do appreciate your input and that you visited. Thanks!

    Don't take me too seriously, but I minored in electronic communication a couple years back. I believe this phenomenon is similar to the one discovered by Alexander Graham Bell. He found out that telegraph signal can be sent through the atmosphere during a thunderstorm without using a battery! The concept is similar to how the earliest coherer works. Your brain waves "connect" the signal from your remote to the receiver in the car, just like how a carrier signal from a radio tower carries signal over a large area.

    Works really well. Cant work out why it works, it does and that's all that matters. This will help me to delay replacing the remote battery just a little longer. Yep, I am cheap.

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    Thanks for the kind words and for visiting :)

    it's just due to the height not because of anything you do yourself.. You hold it higher you alter the Fresnel Zone thus better signal.. Get on a ladder climb to the top of it you will have a signal at a further distance. You are also removing some obstacles from the path of interference.

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    Well actually, I've tried it from the same height as my hand originally was through a water bottle (which technically is MORE obstruction in the way) and it worked, too :) Also, others have had success with doing it through their chest area. Experiment with it for yourself to see if this "could" potentially be the cause (the water). Thanks for commenting and visiting

    Sure it works, but not because water in your brain "amplifies" the signal. Water doesn't amplify nothing ! To be sure, approach the emitter from, let's say, a pack of 6 bottles of water and try again, it won't work. Maybe your crane acts as a reflecton cavity or as an antenna ?

    Great work Meg! Normally I used to touch the viper 2 way pager remote antenna onto a metal door frame to help broadcast the signal a bit further and it works too.