Amusing Orange Peeling




Introduction: Amusing Orange Peeling

About: Retired English/Theater Teacher

I show how to peel an orange in a creative and amusing manner.



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    7 Discussions

    Hehe, I thought this was another one of those "peel an orange skin to make an elephant" but was I ever wrong!

    Well, I couldn't figure out where this was going but it was totally redeemed in the last three seconds... it made me chuckle; I can't wait until I next eat an orange in public.

    Yeah, I could probably figure it out, but the video was too blurry for me to actually see anything you were doing until it was done. I'd really like to see this in more detail. I think it's hilarious! I should begin practicing.

    honestly I'm not artistic enough to draw it, but with careful study, I think it can be figured out :D