An Adjustable Spirograph for All Your Needs

Spirographs, like the microwave, have failed to yield to scientific explanation for a number of years. What scientists can agree on, however, is that they are Made Of Math --- a property which renders it the obvious choice for entering in a instructables contest about math.

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Step 1: Print the Thing

BePrint over at Thingiverse made the original main shape (I'm sure he'll be able to explain all about the math), and then all we pretty much did was use TinkerCAD to chop it up into smaller pieces and add little pegs for them to fit together. All in all, it's easier to print, assemble, and store.

Print not too much infill, bit higher quality for the main gear isn't a bad idea!

Step 2: Connecting the Pieces

To fit the tracks together, you're going to need a lot of math. Take the square root of the hypotenuse of the circumferance of the integral of the finite-element fourier harmonic series laplace vector cosine function, and stick the parts together to make tracks of whatever length you want. Scale the things up or down, too! As long as you can stick a pencil in the holes..

Step 3: Do the Spirograph Thing!

It's in the video!

Congrats, you did it!

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