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Introduction: An Adventure Quilt!

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This instructable is merely a simple modification of a basic patchwork quilt. For quiltmaking basics, reference this awesome instructable by jessyratfink:

How to sew a quilt! (quilting 101)

In addition to what is needed for a basic patchwork quilt, you will need:

1. inkjet iron on transfer paper
2. photos of your adventure
3. an inkjet printer

Step 1: How to Make a Quilt EXCITING

Quilting is not all that exciting... which is a good thing. Sometimes you just need to relax.

Gather photos from your adventure... and your iron on transfer paper.

When reading "How to sew a quilt!", you will learn that each quilt square is 3.5"x3.5". This is great news because you can fit four 3.5"x5" photos per sheet of iron on transfer paper. Please note the difference in dimensions, your iron on photos will be larger than your square. Keep this in mind, you will be trimming the edges of your photo to fit your squares.

Theoretically, you could iron a photo onto every single square of your quilt. Choose a reasonable number of photos. The iron-on transfers do wash well, but they are somewhat stiff and awkward.

I chose to add a photo to the center of 10 of the blocks on my quilt. 

Step 2: Think Before You Sew

As you would for any patchwork quilt, lay your blocks out before you start sewing them together.

Make sure your photos are evenly distributed, but not on the very edge of the quilt. You don't want to chop half of one off when you are trimming prior to adding the binding.

Step 3: Finish It Up

Simple! Now just finish the quilt as described in How to sew a quilt! (quilting 101).

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