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Introduction: An Artists Clock

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Step 1: Design

The first step to any project is design. So thats what you need to do. Now you don't have to do the same design as me, you can do multiple ones, use your imagination. You can keep it simple, or you can get complicated.

Step 2: Materials

-- exacto knife
-- glue
-- dremel (optional, but use something similar)
-- drill press (optional, but it makes the project easier)
-- scissors
-- hot glue gun

-- paint brushs
-- clock mechanism
-- poster board (something rigid but cutable for the backing of the clock)
-- colord paper or paint swatches
-- small storage box

Step 3: Cutting Out the Squares

So now you have to cut out squares because without them you would just have the clock mechanism hanging on the wall. what i did to make this process easier was i went to HOME DEPOT and got a perfectly square paint swatch. Than i put it down on the colored paper and traced them. The colored paper i used was notebook covers and paper folders i got at the dollar store. You need 4 squares for each color.

Step 4: Make the Pattern

After you cut out all the squares. Get you poster board and lay out the squares in the design.


Step 5: Tape the Squares Together

Now what i thought was instead of trying to lay them out upside down. I took some plastic wrap and put it over the whole poster board and squares then i flip the whole thing over. Then i removed the board and taped all the squares together.

Step 6: Trace the Pattern & Clock

When you are happy with the way it looks. Take a pencil and trace around the edges of all the squares. Try not to move them around to much. Also put the clock mechanism in the middle and trace around it. Trace inside the gaps between the squares to so you can cut them out later.

Step 7: Cut Out the Pattern

Now  you want to take your exacto knife and cut all around the edges. and cut out the gaps you traced earlier too.

Step 8: Glue Squares to Posater Board

Now you want to take the squares you taped together and the poster board you cut out. Position the squares on top of the board on the matching arms and glue them. Then if there are any edges showing you can go back and trim them with the exacto knife.

Step 9: The Storage Box

Now you'll want to get some kind of storage box for the clock, unless you want to glue it directly to the board. Now since my box was to big, i decided to cut it down to size. Now you want to glue the cap back together, But leave the box in two pieces.

Step 10: More Glueing

The box you cut up now should still be in two pieces. You want to glue each piece to a side of the poster board. Then you want to hot glue the both sides of the poster board together with the box. Then you want to drill a hole big enough for the clock to fit through. If your clock has a nut and washer and rubber thingy, you need to take those off so the clock can sit flat. I also put a piece of wood into the box with the clock so it doesn't fall or gets pushed back.

Step 11: PAINT BRUSHS!!!

Now its time for the paint brushs. I got a pack at a craft store for $10. I choose the biggest one and the 3rd biggest one.
For the big one, since it is to big to work as is i cut a notch in it where i will drill the hole so that it could sit low enough to leave room for the top brush. Then i cut the hole and fit it on the clock but i had to glue it to get it to work like a clock. BUT DON'T GLUE THEM UNTIL LAST.
I glued them before to test if they would work and they did. They also fell off after a while and cause i was touching them to much and i used crazy glue instead of hot glue. For the small paint brush i cut the hole the same size as the minute arm. But dont drill all the way through since its the top piece and it will look nicer. I positioned the small brush lower then where i put the big brush so it is visible and so you can tell the difference between the hour and minute hands. I also had to make the small brush lighter because of where i drilled the hole. It was heavy on one side so i drilled some more holes in it. but not all the way through of course. You also want to make sure the side that you drill is the side with the writing.

Step 12: Finishing Steps.

Glue the brushs on and add a hook so you can hang it on the wall.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    What a clever way to hide your clock mechanism!

    This is a cheap and clever design idea.

    I might just get a bunch of color swatches from the self contained city of home improvement for this, instead of cutting up folders/posterboard/etc.

    Great work!


    flamming arrow
    flamming arrow

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    hey thanks, yea you could just use the paint swatches by themselves if you want. I just did it that way so there is some support and something to glue everything on.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I just picked up a bunch of color samples from Home Depot! Will post results.