An "Average" Prank for Work!

Introduction: An "Average" Prank for Work!

At Work, Not Allowed To Play Games?
No Music?
Well Heres A Way To Get Somebody In "Trouble"

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Step 1: Preperation

While An Employee Is In The Bathroom/Getting Lunch/[Insert Something Here],
Go Into His Cubby/Area Where His/Her Computer Is And Take A Screenshot Of Their DESKTOP With Something On There That Isnt Allowed Like...

Porno (This One I Wouldnt Advise)
A Game
Something Else?

Step 2: Cant Click Out?

After Saving The Screenshot, Take ALL Of The Items On The Desktop And Place Em In A Folder Where Could EASILY Be Found Later

Step 3: The Set Up

With Everything Hidden, Take That Screenshot You Saved (Do You Remember It?)
And Set It As The Desktop Background

Step 4: Almost Done!

Now That An IMAGE Is All That Is On His Desktop, The IMAGE Of The Game Looks Real And CANNOT Be Exited Out Of Because Its Only A Game, Right?
Now Heres Where The Fun Part Happens,
After Your Done With The Desktop Go Tell Your Boss EVERYTHING You Just Did And Get Him/Her To Play Along. So When Your Friend/Whoever Comes Back And The Boss Walks In, They Cant Exit Out!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    A simpler way of doing this is to use the screen dump short cut key. On Windows (Sorry Mac users) you press Alt+ Prt Scrn/SysRq (The key to the left of the scroll lock). This will Save the image to the Clipboard. Open Publisher and then the Clipboard. Paste the image onto a blank document. Then, Right Click--> Save Target As...(save somewhere kinda hidden) then open the Control Panel go to Appearance and Themes--> Change the Desktop Background. Once this Toolbar is open click the Browse button. Find where you saved your screenshot, open it, then click Apply. Close all of the programs opened and your done! For further annoyance I recommend whizzkidtom's suggestion.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    LOL...we have a strict user policy at work stating all workstations must be locked when unattended...I've pulled this prank soo many times that people have actually started doing what they are supposed to.


    slightly better one: if your computer can handle it, make a GIF of the game playing (like the ghosts moving around, or an easier game like Jezzball) makes it all the more realistic.