An Easy to Make Game

Introduction: An Easy to Make Game

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This is my instrucatable on a very easy to make game. It is for two players and is very good as a travel game. The game flashes a colour and the players have to find an object of that colour. The first person to do so wins. 

How you play:

The red / red and green leds with flash. Then one of the leds will turn on. When this happens the players have to find an object of that colour. Once they have they must press and hold their switch. If they are first then all the colours will flash and then a colour will light up (red for player 1, sw1 or yellow for player 2, sw2). Then they say what the object is and any player presses their switch and a new colour will be picked.

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Step 1: The Step of Find or Buy

For this game you will need:

1x picaxe 08m chip, (part 13-0824) picture 1
1x picaxe 08 development board, (part 2126)  picture 2
Some solder
A flat head screwdriver
A soldering iron
3x  1.5V AA baterries
A picaxe download cable, or CHECK BOTH FIRST!
Picaxe Programmming Editor > Software

If you have this stuff then you can move on to the next step

Step 2: The Step of Assembly

Now you have to build the board,

Just solder all the componants to the board. Make sure that led1 is red, led2 is yellow and led3 is green. If you don't know which componant to put in each place then:

sw1- push to make switch
sw2-push to make switch
r1-resistor, brown black orange
r2-resistor, brown black orange
r3-resistor, red red orange
r4-resistor, brown black orange
r5-resistor, brown black red
r6-resistor, brown black red
r7-resistor, brown black red
r8 - resistor, brown black red
IC1-8 pin chip holder
prog-download jack
LED1-red led
LED2-yellow led
LED3-green led
The connectors can be soldered in to the spaces.

Step 3: The Step of Completion

Now connect the board to the computer with the download cable. Then open the Picaxe Programming Editor, picture 1, and copy and paste the code below in to the window. Next click on options, picture 1, and change the Picaxe mode to 08M, picutre 2. Now click program, picture 1. If everyhing went well your game should now work. For help with the editor goto .

Have fun!.

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    7 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Neat idea to keep kids entertained on a car journey.  It would be nice to extend the LED and button wires and put this in a proper box.  On the 08m you can also use the serial out pin as a normal output so you could extend the code and add a blue LED as well.

    You mention cutting and pasting the code but you appear not to have put it in, or have I just missed it?

    random brilliance
    random brilliance

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks AndyGadget. I guess you could do all those. Sorry I must have forgotten to put up the code I will so asap.

    random brilliance
    random brilliance

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    As far as I know you can't buy it as a kit. But if you look hard I am sure someone has got a kit for it. If not, it's quite simple to make your own.