An Engineer's Best Place to Hide Money




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You might be wondering about the name of this project and my friends too really ! .But actually it is the best place for an engineer to hide his secret miniature things because it is made from a battery , not so much big or costly battery instead made of a small 9 volts battery used in transistor radios . Nowadays, it is very difficult for a person to keep his privacy from the people around . Instead he needs an extraordinary place where he can hide his particulars from thieves and traitors . Truly it is unexpected that a person would hide gold - silver coins in his workshop in a not so famous safe "BATTERY"!! . Not only this it also contains a gate opening for ease of access for the owner person .It is inspired from secret can hiding place but a smaller version of it . And the other important thing that it is looking same as such looking as an ordinary battery because it is made from it. A video of its working :

Step 1: Idea and Ease of Access

Yesterday while working in my workshop I found that a battery is a perfect place to hide our precious things . In the above picture you can clearly notice that a battery is not being caught up by our eyes for a precious treasure. Similarly in a rubbish workshop there are number of things which can be noticed and battery! is impossible to be found .So, now is not it an engineer's best place to hide money!!

Step 2: Thinking for the Functioning of the Engineer's Best Place to Hide Money

In the earlier step you noticed how I selected a battery as a perfect safe to hide money. In this step I will tell about the functioning of this safe . As the upper portion of the battery with the terminals is not suitable for the gate as it is interlocked by the metal plates . And more important thing that there is no space inside for money to be hidden .So firstly we have to remove the inner chemicals and the electrodes from the battery case . The upper portion with the terminals would remain the same as it was earlier and we will move the bottom portion and join it with tape from inside joining the one side withe tape and leaving the other for opening .

Step 3: Things Required

To make this safe we need :-

  1. multi function tool
  2. star screwdriver
  3. standard screwdriver
  4. 9 volts battery
  5. duct tape
  6. tongs etc.

And Some Money To Hide .

Step 4: Opening the Battery

First of all take battery and a screwdriver and remove or straighten the outer interlocking metal walls to remove the inner chemicals and electrodes . Make sure not to destroy the metal walls as we have to again join it back to its original shape . We have to straighten it to take out the inner materials .

Step 5: Taking Out the Electrodes and Chemicals

After straightening shift the cap with negative terminal to upper direction slanting the terminals cap . Take a pair of tongs and pull the electrodes outside the metal body of the battery carefully.

Step 6: Taking Out All the Material

Firstly take out the electrodes then terminals and then the bottom cap . Keep the electrodes at a separate place and we have to use only the metal body terminals and the bottom cap as a gate.

Step 7: Making Suspension for the Safe

Now we will use the l shaped metal stripped that is spread along the bottom cap from the terminal cap . The part of metal strip of terminals which is touching the bottom cap should be used as suspension for the gate (bottom cap) and fix it properly with duct tape.

Step 8: Testing the Gate

Now fix the bottom cap from inside to the metal strip and then move it to and fro for some time . That would increase its movement and tell us about the suspension quality. Finally fix it properly with duct tape .

Step 9: Final Finishing

WE had inserted the terminal cap in the battery case . Noe we have to make the straighten ens of it proper so that no one can judge it as safe . that's all about "an engineer's best place to hide money". A perfect solution for coins and precious things to be kept ! . This might be a good idea for us to secure something.


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    6 Discussions


    7 months ago

    Very nice! I’m looking for a place to hide a key right now. I can see this coming in very handy. Thank you for posting.


    2 years ago

    Epoxy in some very strong magnets to secure it to your ice box or refrigerator. Nobody ever looks twice at those silly magnets. Obviously just an advert. Unlikely to be tossed in the trash.


    3 years ago

    What if someone tries to use the battery but realizes it doesn't work then throws out the money?

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Weeeell...there was this guy I read about recently who hid $6000 dollars or so in an old, broken toaster...then his wife decided to do some spring cleaning, and tossed out the old toaster, since it wasn't working..... :-)

    So, could happen...

    But still, quite the original idea for hiding small valuables that you don't want found!


    3 years ago

    Money is power.. literally! Gotta try this sometime