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Introduction: Mini Oasis- an Extrordin...AIRY Life

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Think you've got a brown thumb... or that you're too busy to care for a house plant? Think again!

Air Plants are perfectly suited  for apartment-living and for people with a busy schedule.  They require very little care; Just a gentle weekly misting and strong, indirect sunlight. The shapes and sizes are incredibly diverse and unique. Some Air Plants actually bloom with pretty little flowers!

To create your own private Mini-Oasis, you'll need:

Air Plants (I purchased 9 Air Plants for $14 on eBay from member forestair.)
A Sea shell (Preferably one that holds water to provide extra humidity.)
A Wood branch for the Palm tree trunk(s). (I used a pine branch, cut to varying lengths .) 
Hot Glue Gun
All-purpose glue
Stiff paper, cut in tiny pieces.

Using the Elmer's All-purpose Glue, glue a small piece of paper to the base of the Air Plant .  Let it dry thoroughly.

Use the Hot Glue gun and attach your Air plant to the top of the"trunk" so it looks like a mini Palm tree. Be careful to apply the hot glue only to the paper at the base of the Air Plant so you don't burn it.  

Next, use your hot glue gun to attach the base of the mini Palm Trees to the Sea Shell.

I was really enjoying the 'whimsy" while making this, so just for fun, I've added a couple more pictures of my Air Plants in different places throughout my home.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Could you perhaps add a description? I think it might help tell the readers what they're looking at.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Darn... I did but it must have gone *poof* into cyber-space. Thanks for the heads up!