An HD Smart Phone Projector for Watching Movies Big Screen:



Introduction: An HD Smart Phone Projector for Watching Movies Big Screen:

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In this instructable, I'm going to teach you how to make a smartphone projector so that you can watch movies on the Wall big screen.

How does a projectors works?

When a light emitting image is placed behind the lens of a projector, it magnifies and transforms into an inverted image.This newly refracted image can be seen on a white background and its quality can be adjusted by altering the distance between the cell phone and the lens.

A single glass can never give a good quality projection cause there has to be a big distance between the lens and the cell phone for creating a good quality image but that distance also reduces the light distribution which has to be focused only through the lens for getting the maximum quality out of it.

So the conclusion from the above statement is that "lesser the distance between the cell phone and the lens, better is the image quality"

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Step 1: Stuff Needed:

1)Its best if you can get the Precision lenses from scrap yard.


Get three lenses and each lens should be a Plano convex lens(big enough to cover the full cell phone screen)

2)Get a hollow cylinder within which you are going to place these lenses and the placing should be such that you can somehow move every lens except the middle one.

3)A plastic hollow square from the body of a mixer as you can see in the picture.

4)A big screen mobile phone set at full brightness level.

5)A rubber band.

6)A soft lens cleaning cloth.

7) 4 screws with nuts for connecting the hollow square to the Precision length body or to the handmade body of the lens case.

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Step 2: Slot Cutting:

Cut the edges on the boundary of the hollow square case as shown in the picture and keep its size just equal to the size of your cell phone so that it is not too much loose cause otherwise it will fall out.

Also, you will have to use a rubber band to keep the cell phone in place.

After that being done, spray paint the square box if you want.Fortunately, I was lucky that the available 4 screw slots on the square box were in match with the positioning of the screw slots on the Precision lens case.

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Step 3: Assembling and Testing:

Connect the Hollow Square Box with screws to the case of the lenses.

Now insert the cell phone in the created slot with full brightness ON and place the rubber band such that it holds the cell phone in place.


Now we are using an odd number of lenses which is 3 so we will get an HD inverted image.To get a non inverted image, you will have to lock your screen picture or video in an inverted mode by turning off the auto-rotation.

Now face the projector towards the wall and adjust the lenses until you get a clear sharp image.

Changing the distance between the lenses also increases or decreases the screen size projected on the wall.

So guy,that was all about the projector project.

Thank you for your time.


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