An Intense Amount of Laser Cut Dominoes

A laser cutting template for dominoes up to double 16.

That's 153 dominoes.

Your domino lines will be go on for miles and your arithmetic abilities will be put to the ultimate test (or you can put aside the largest pieces and play normal double 12 or double 6 games).


Use a sheet of material (I used 6mm ply wood) that's at least 425x450mm if you want all the dominoes in one go.

I'v attached the .ai file; blue is engrave, red is cut.

- Try to find a sheet that isn't warped too much. Mine was and so some engraving was lost or very weak.

- It is important to have contrast between material and engravings to make it easier to count dots. I would recommend light wood. If you have a machine that can do it, it would be ideal to engrave fill the dots (the dots are all on one layer which should make this an easy change).

- You can see on the domino layout image how you might reduce the number of dominoes by removing some right hand side columns.

- There aren't overlapping cutting lines in the .ai file, just something to keep in mind if you decide to move things around.



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