An Introduction to Part Modeling in Solidworks




Introduction: An Introduction to Part Modeling in Solidworks

This instructional video is for those who have never used the SolidWorks program and would like to know to create a very basic part using sketches, extruded boss/base, extruded cuts, and fillets.

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Step 1: Opening Solidworks/Setting Document Properties

This video shows the user how to get started in SolidWorks by opening a document and configuring the settings to english units. This video will be helpful to find the settings tab and change the units if needed.

Step 2: Creating a Sketch

This video segment takes the user through the steps of creating a sketch. This includes sketch planes, different sketch tools, and defining the created sketch.

Step 3: Creating an Extruded Base

This video explains how to use the extruded boss/base feature in the command manager. The extruded base feature brings a 2D sketch to life by adding depth to the sketch and making a 3D part.

Step 4: Creating a Sketch on a Feature

This video is very similar to creating a sketch, except that the sketch plane is on the face of an existing object.  This is very useful in complex parts and allows user to add and remove material to the existing object in SolidWorks.

Step 5: Creating an Extruded Cut

This video shows the user how to remove material that was previously defined by a sketch by using the extruded cut feature in the command mangager.

Step 6: Creating Filleted Edges

This video shows the user how to creat filleted edges on a previously defined object.  Filleted edges are necessary in real world applications because they remove sharp edges and corners which can be safety hazards.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I just started using solidworks, and bought the SolidWorks 2011 book which covers beginner to advanced topics, and is very comprehensive. I often use the book as a reference to go through.
    You can get it @