How to Make an Old Fashioned Christmas Tree

Introduction: How to Make an Old Fashioned Christmas Tree

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I wanted an old fashioned real christmas tree. I found a cedar tree and my husband put a root ball on it. This preserves it for months instead of weeks and we can replant it after we use it for Christmas.

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Step 1: Find Something You Can Put Your Tree in to Hold Water

I got me 2 buckets for my tree. The first one was too wide of an opening. So I found an old 5 gallon bucket my husband had feed in. It worked perfectly.

Step 2: After Putting in Bucket and Watering... It's Now Time for the Lights

I love multi colored lights for my christmas tree. After all, I'd not went to our attic and got our upscale Christmas tree, I went an found one growing wild so why not go for that old fashioned feeling of having multi colored lights. I used 5 strands of lights on this tree.

Step 3: Now It's Time for Stencil & Ball Ornaments

I got some old stencil I have had for years in my basement. It's much thicker and made better than what is made now. As you can see, its fuller and stands out much better than the hair like we buy these days. Also, I went to a yard sale last summer and found some old christmas ornaments. This gave my tree an even more unique old fashioned look.

Step 4: Wha~La - Here Is My Old Fashioned Christmas Tree

I had to end up getting a wide bucket and put my tree in because the slim tall one in green we had made it want to topple over. I am so excited to see a finished product. The best thing about this Christmas tree is its real, it's so homey looking, just like the one grandmother had when I was a child. And last but not least, the aroma fills our house. It really puts you in the Christmas spirit.

Step 5: Types of Trees That Make Perfect Christmas Trees

Cedar trees grow slow and are the #1 chosen evergreen trees. They are perfect for a thick dense tree. They are very sticky but their aroma is bar none to any other tree. Cedar trees live for 60-80 years and are super hardy. They even do well in drought areas. The scent is what attracts most to the cedar tree.

Hemlock Trees are also a thick dense evergreen conifer with much softer foliage than cedar tree. They do not have the aroma of cedar trees but they are just as popular as cedars are. They can be transplanted and shaped in landscaping for privacy hedges or for a living fence.

Pine Trees - White pine trees are also a favorite of many for christmas trees. They are super fast growing, have long needles, perfect for hanging lots of decorations on and the branches goes to the floor. They also make an excellent border when transplanted outdoors and provide privacy when used as living fences.

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Your instructable brought very warm memories. Thanks for sharing.


    3 years ago

    I grew up with an artificial tree but my brother loves real ones. In 1990 he and his new bride got a small tree and decorated it for their first Christmas. Weeks later they planted it on their new land. A year later they built their house. 26 years later they still have their first Christmas tree in their yard (plus 3 grown sons!). My point is that your instructable is a wonderful idea because trees are so precious. Thank you for sharing.