The Clockwork Orange Kinetic Lamp.

Introduction: The Clockwork Orange Kinetic Lamp.

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Dont worry it is not Voodoo..its physics..aka kinetic.

Turn the empty Soda Cans into a Kinetic Lamp .I´ll show you How

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Step 1: The Can.

Take a soda can, remove the top and the bottom, if you dont have dremel , or fancy powered tools, use Rough Sand paper or even the floor .
When the top and the bottom were removed, fill the can with Paper.
Then Sand sand it, paint it , google some image or draw whatever you want., stick the image and start to hole all over the picture you want (I used an Office pin.).Remove the picture or draw and with a sharpie draw the image.and add some details.

Step 2: Motion.

Draw the Top circle in a piece of thin cardboard  like cigarretes box.
Find the center and divide the circle in eight parts.
Cut the flaps with a cutter, and fold down  in 45,00072 degrees.
make a hole in the center and glue a Glass Vial.
Finally , glue the circle on the Soda can.

Step 3: Axis.

The Glass Vial has to spin on the central axis.
We need a piece of wire, a tiny piece of plastic Tube like an empty pen tube, a lighter part (valve), a sharped Needle.
Join together those parts.
and place a light Bulb.

Step 4: Light Up.

Be careful that the can dont touch any surface of the base. or the central axis.

Step 5: Its a Kind of Magic...!!!

So...where is the magic...?
the inner air..warms and find a way out so goes up and push the Flaps.
Hope you like it rated and vote.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, that's so pretty! Mine is based on a similar principle. I think your instructable would be even cooler if you embed the video on the first step - it'll get viewed more that way. :-)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very similar to my project
    USB Powered Instructables Night Lamp