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This is my first DIY :)
In May I lost my USB stick, so I decided to make one pretty, flashy, hard to miss and unique.
I used a microsd reader and an old tape.
As a precaution, not knowing how the tape originally work, I decided to remove the magnetic tape, I feared it  could demagnetize my pen.

And now, do yours!
Firts, you need a screwdriver. Open the Cassette and remove the tape and the plastic wheels.
Then, place the pen between th two plasic layers, and glue it or fix it whit some modeling paste or green stuff.
Close the cassette. 
Rember that this kind of USB pen can't work in PC that the USB connector even one millimeter hollow (I hope I explained myself well), while on laptops should have no problems.  

Now you can print a new etiquette for your USB key (of course you can find some blank sheet on Google)

Simple and effective! Hope you like it!

(Sorry for my bad English)



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    i'd love to see more photos of your build, what the card reader for? is this just a flash drive or a card reader?

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    This is a microSD card Reader, but i leave the memory inside so I'm now using it like a normal Usb Key. This is only because now this has a storage capacity of 4 GB, but I may have to increase the capacity.