An Intelligent Home Model Controlled by Smartphone

By using Thinker and Feedback Switch, this home model can be controlled with the Smartphone. Home intelligent now!!!

Step 1: Thinker and Feedback Switch

Thinker, an intelligent control host with routing function. Via the APP, once you connect your mobile phone to the internet, you can perform remote control on the home appliances anytime and anywhere. Air-conditioner, television, sound box, lighting equipment and so on. You can also use the RF switch, socket or other fittings provided by Thinker to transform the traditional home appliance into an intelligent electrical appliance which could be controlled by Thinker. Are you eager to monitor the condition of your home at any time? Then use monitoring accessories of Thinker so that everything is under your control. Thinker makes your home more intelligent, more secure.

As a smart router, based on the OpenWrt system, supporting a variety of plug-ins which are compatible with OpenWrt. Thinker also support Tor. With Tor, you can make anonymity online by using thinker now. It can protect your privacy. Defend yourself against network surveillance and traffic analysis. You can see more details about this device here.

The Feedback Switch can be both touch control and remote control. By connecting with Thinker, it can be controlled with the Smartphone. To see more details of this device here.

Step 2: More Details About the Home Model



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