An Original Way to Frame Needlepoint or Cross-stitch Fabrics Asian Style

Introduction: An Original Way to Frame Needlepoint or Cross-stitch Fabrics Asian Style

Most embroidery fabrics sewn for display are framed like paintings in wooden or plastic frames with glass added on top of them.
I'm going to show you a new method of framing it for easier storage and display. This way you can roll your fabrics like a papyrus, store them in a fabric bag for ventilation and display them through rotation one at a time - just like rollable Japanese paintings during the tea ceremony house!

For best results the needlepoint fabric and threads should be washable - as this framing style does not protect them from dust while displayed.

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Step 1: Here Is What You Need

1. the completed needlepoint fabric - its shape must be square or rectangular
2. sewing tools like a needle, thread pieces from the same work, scissors
3. two bamboo skewers or small tubes for the actual frame - use a knife if needed to get them to the size of the fabric you want to frame

Step 2: Sew the Height Margins

Add a background colour from your embroidery and sew the height margins. I generally add 3 columns on each side. You can see them all sewn in the picture, so we can get to the next step...

Step 3: Sew the Upper and Lower Margins

Sew the upper and lower margins by using a complementary colour from your palette after folding the fabric. I generally sew about 10-20 rows.

Step 4: Roll the Upper and Lower Margins

Now that the upper and lower margins are sewn in place with the complementary colour, roll them for the skewers to enter.

Step 5: Finish the Piece

After you have cut the skewers to the desired length, sewn the rolled margins to the back of the fabric and inserted a thicker thread through the upper roll, it is time to roll the fabric for storage like a papyrus or to display your work!

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