Anakin Skywalker


Hello today we are doing a dark side guy that was a Jedi and his name is ANAKIN SKYWALKER

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Step 1: Shirt

You need a black or gray shirt no t-shirts if its big for you just cut about what size you where

Step 2: Pants

You'll will need black or brown pants no shorts. Make sure it's your size

Step 3: Boots

You'll need black Nike shoes no boots make sure it's your size

Step 4: Fix Up Glove

You'll need a mitten no gloves. Kids:small teenagers:medium adults:large

Step 5: Lightsaber

You'll need anikan lightsaber $10 no DV's and no OK's

Step 6: Join the Dark Side Anakin

Now your done I have to kill Obiwan Kenobi

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