Analog Music Visualizer

Introduction: Analog Music Visualizer

   I decided to try to make something that uses filters so I thought it might be cool if I could make an audio based project. I decided to make an Analog Music Visualizer ( others might call it a music equilizer, color organ, or light show) and to keep things simple I chose to have three channels (Bass Mid and High) for starters. Here is my final result

   I played around with a couple other setups before

   Im still playing around with the parts and layouts so I guess its not completely finished.  A friend showed me some Nixie Bargraphs that might be interesting if used with this project. There's always room for improvement

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    3 years ago

    could you please send me the circuit diagram , i really appreciate it


    8 years ago on Introduction

    i would realy like to make this circuit it looks like lots of fun!!