Ancient Chinese Brow Liner/ Mascara Diy



This recipe of brow liner/ mascara is from china. Ancient chinese used to make this beauty product for these women to have etebrows that looked natural.
It can be doubled as mascara but it could be a little tough but still worth it.
The best part about this brow liner is that it takes little time to dry up and it dries completely without any residue or smudges if rubbed.

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Step 1: Ingredients

Beeswax or candeula wax ( vegan)
Olive oil
Indigo powder
Instant coffee powder
Bamboo charcoal powder.

I have made a video too for you to better understant

There are no certain amounts to the ingredients as it depends on how hard or soft you want the liner to be. If u like your liner
darker = more charcoal
lighter = more coffee
medium = all equal

For cake
More wax and less oil ( very less amount of these will be added to powders

For liner consistency/ mascara
More oil a little less wax

Step 2: For the Liquid Part Works

Simply use the manual burner to perform such a small task.

Step 3: Pour Once Melted

Add liquid to powders and stir stir stir until incorporated.

This is a perfect last minute home made holiday gift for loved ones.

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