Ancient Health Mix for Any Age

Introduction: Ancient Health Mix for Any Age

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Its an ancient health mix for any age done in home. All the grains, Millet and materials used are very healthy. This food in increase the stamina of the body. We give it to my baby from 8 months. The method is take much time. But more more and more healthier than packed food product. Its not only for baby's for any age group. For babys we make it like paste. For adults we make it like dosai, puttu etc.

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Step 1: Materails Required

At first we want to prepare the powder and keep it safe. When required take powder and produce what ever u like (paste or dosai or puttu)

Materials Required to make Powder

1) Wheat - 100 grams

2) Finger Millet(kapai) - 100 grams

3) Kodo Millet(varakarisi) - 100 grams

4) Roasted Gram(Porikadalai) - 100 grams

5) Pearl Millet(kambu) - 100 grams

6) Samba rice - 100 grams

7) Green Gram(pasi payiru) - 50 grams

8) Cashews Nut - 50 grams

9) Pistachio Nuts - 50 grams

10) Cardamom - 9 nos

11) Ginger dry - A small Piece

We prepare in kgs for long time use.

Accessories Required

1) Ural to grind the powder.

2) Sieve mesh.

3) Roasting vessel

Materials to prepare paste

1) Health mix powder.

2) Water

3) Milk

4) Sugar or salt as per ur taste.

Step 2: Prepare Powder

1) Take all the 11 materials as per weight.

2) Roasted each materials separately up to required level for each.

3) Put them all together

4) Hand Grinding using ural (Stone base and wooden hand tool to make powder or in modern using mixie to grind the powder.

5) Sieve it using hand sieve.

6) Again Grind the coarse materials and sieve again.

Now the powder is ready. Keep the powder safely and while required use it to prepare food.

Step 3: For Prepare Baby Food

1) Take a Bowl.

2) Take two teaspoon of health mix powder.

3) Mix some water and make it as paste with out form crystal.

4) Then add half cup of milk to the mix and make it as liquid paste.

Step 4: Boil the Baby Food

1) Put the liquid paste on the stove light it up.

2) Put some required amount of salt to the mix (My baby like salt taste, If ur baby like sweet taste then add palm sugar powder as per requirement).

3) Put the fire as low and stir the mix up to the liquid become paste.

4) Cool the mix and put it in a bowl.

Like wise if u want to prepare dosi for adults. Mix the powder with water and ad salt. Put it in dosi vessel and serve it.

Have a healthy food...

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    3 years ago

    What does it taste like?


    4 years ago

    Cool I am from goa too...don't know Tamil bro....cheers


    4 years ago

    sir can u write the materials required names what's its called in Hindi pls..tks


    Reply 4 years ago


    But its take some time. I search in net and send u because i dont know much in hindi. I am from tamilnadu.... I search and send...


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Satthu maavu kanji. My mom makes it always. It is nutrient packed dish. I used to give to my daughter wen she was small. I like it too..