Ancient Dwarven Stone Ring (made of Pvc)




Introduction: Ancient Dwarven Stone Ring (made of Pvc)

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Hello everybody!

I'll show you how to make dwarven stone ring out of ppr plastic pipe.
I came to this idea when I was bored and I was cutting with my scalpel to the piece of plastic.

Tools and Materials:
You'll need following items

- piece of plastic pipe, that fits to your finger
- scalpels
- sandpaper
- paints
- pencil
- lacquer

that's more less everything.


- Before you start, gather all the materials and tools. Just follow all the steps and photos, and I'm sure, you'll be succesful ;) But please, be very careful during cutting!

- At first cut a piece of pipe of desired length
- Then cut off all edges of the pipe with scalpel (be extremly careful, because you can easily loose your fingers!!)
- When you're done, start making deeper cuts from the edges
- After that comes the hardest part. You have to do many cuts all around the pipe to give it carved desing
- As you continue with sculpting the ring will slowly becomes to look like a stone
- You can make some pattern on it and give it a cooler look (I pretty much screwed mine :D )
- When you think you have done enough cutting just sand it a little


 Now it's time to paint your epic ring!

- You can choose almost every color, but I picked dark brown
- After you painted all the ring, take black color and highlight "shadows". Ring will look more real.
- If you carved some pattern on it, you can highlight it with diferent color as I did. But you should be more precise than I was :D
- To finish it just fix the color with some lacquer and you're done!

You can wear it on your finger or you can tie your hair (or beard) with it like I did! :D

Have fun with making one! Hope you like it! 

If you have any questions just leave a comment :)

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    Great idea, and made from so little... Not that I would diminish the value of a piece of pvc. Thanks for sharing. Now, to get my roleplaying group playing again... And someone to play the dwarf...


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nice, I'm sure that I'm goint to do it!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Ah, yes, those two ancient mystical dwarvish elements: mithril and pvc!