Ancient Nord Armor

Intro: Ancient Nord Armor

things you need.


Black silver spraypaint and acrylic Brown and black paint.

Hot glue gun.

And hot glue sticks.

And Brown ductape.

And welcro straps

And image on your computer

And paper and Brown velt

First you need to make a stencil

So draw the chest piece on a piece of cardboard

Then cut everething with a knife then look if everething fits if iTS fits glue everething togeter with your hot glue gun then leave dabs of hot glue where the bolt are then take your Brown velt glue iT like a m but the middel part must be longer then the Side s then glue two other pieces of Brown velt on the back of the armor now the gaunlets take that ductape and wrap iT on your arm then cut iT in haf then cut out three strooks of cardboard and glue iT to the to the tape repeat this for the other gaunlet for the boots cut out two big strooks of cardboard and two tinner strooks glue the thinner strooks in the middel of the bigger strooks then take the welcro straps and put them behind the shin guards then put dabs where the bolt are then scratch the armor for battle damage then spray silver over the gaunlets and armor and boots then spray a little bit of black spray paint then if iT has dried

Paint symbols in the middel of the chest piece then take your Brown dab iT in water and apply iT on certain area s and let iT dry then your armor is finished sorry for the lack of foto s i made this tutorial after i finished the armor

And see ya

Step 1:



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