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Introduction: Andes Mountain Mint Bars

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Hello Hungry Internet Connoisseur, if you are reading this Instructable in search of an easy to make, tasty and beloved by all snack then you have come to the right place! Andes Mountain Mint Bars are easy to make, and are popular through all ages! It is even made with mostly common household ingredients (minus the food coloring) and is worth the very minimal time and energy it takes to make. I decided to make this a photo heavy Instructable as my friend Will did an amazing job with photography and should be appreciated as such.


Step 1: Ingredients

Mint Layer
1. 1 sticks butter
2. 1 cup powdered sugar
3. 1 table spoon milk
4. A dash of mint extract (to flavor)
5. A few drops of green food coloring (or any other color if you want to get festive)

Chocolate Layer (x 2)
1. 1 stick of butter
2. Cup of chocolate chips

Step 2: Chocolate Layer #1

Although the chocolate layers are perhaps the simplest and easiest to make part of this recipe, it really brings the recipe together. Once you get past the obscene amount of butter used you can drown in unique minty chocolaty ecstasy.

1. Melt a stick of butter and a cup of chocolate chips in the microwave at 50% power (may vary based on microwave) until soft enough to blend.
2. Whip the newly formed chocolatey butter until smooth

Step 3: Finishing First Layer

1. Pour evenly into a pan of your choice and spread evenly
2. Insert into freezer while you are creating your other layers

The freezing process is done so that adding layers doesn't destroy the integrity of those underneath. Please make sure that the layer is sufficiently cooled and hardened before adding more.

Step 4: Onto the Mint!

The Mint mixture can be changed to add your own personal flair to things! If you suddenly have an insatiable urge to create an American flag imbued in a chocolate heaven, hey, who am I to stop you?

1. Melt yet another stick of butter
2. Mix with one cup powdered sugar
3. Add one tablespoon of milk

Step 5: Finishing the Mint

1. Add a few drops of mint extract until the previously made paste is sufficiently minty.
2. Add a some drops of green (or any other food coloring) to the paste until it is a color of your liking
3. Mix!

Step 6: Second Layer Is Finished!

Now comes a bit of a tricky part.

1.Remove the previously made chocolate layer from the freezer
2. Test if the chocolate mixture has congealed enough to take pressure
3. If not put back into freezer and wait. Go read a book or something.
4. If so, pour Mint Icing onto chocolatey layer making sure to spread evenly
5. Return it back to its icy homeland in Winterfell *The Freezer

As seen in the pictures below a variation was made where instead of a first layer of chocolate we made it with chocolate chip brownies. The possibilities are endless :D

Step 7: Repeat Step #2

Read the title.

Enjoy these pictures while you make the 3rd and final layer of your beautiful snack.

Step 8: Pulling It All Together!

1. Remove the dually layered bar out of the freezer
2. Once again test the surface with a spoon or other prodding device for tensile strength
3. If it is chilled enough to take another layer continue, if not return it to the freezer and wait
4. Add your last layer! You are almost to the point were your taste buds get to dance majestically in the mint chocolate waves

Step 9: Finishing Notes

Allow the bar to acclimate to room temperature and solidify a bit more before cutting. Make your own judgements on this one.

The great thing I love about this recipe is it allows for anyone to use it for any sort of dessert. You could even make one or two layers to top a cake or your favorite Ben & Jerry's Icecream. Just remember to have fun and clean up when you are finished.



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    23 Discussions

    I'd bet you could use a non-butter substitute (country crock, smart balance, i can't believe, etc.), or use vegetable oil. I've seen other recipes like this that add nothing to the chocolate.

    The bars seem very thick. Is there any way you could make them thiner?

    Uhmmmmm. Sounds yummy. Will definitely try with the chocolate chip brownie as my bottom layer.

    I really love Andes Mints! I will make them with powdered xylitol, sugar-free chocolate chips and cream. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

    this is awesome! i love the taste of mint with chocolate! oh yeah! gonna be a great monday! thanks for sharing this one.

    I made a batch and did not let each layer cool enough before adding the next layer and ended up with a minty chocolate bar with no discernible layers. Tasted good though. typically a stick of butter is a 1/2 cup here in the US...conversion link above for metric folks.

    OMG I love the look of this, but how many grams/kilo-grams is a stick of butter? I tried looking for those butter things at my supermarket but we don't have them in NZ :( I'm going to have to wait to try this.

    1 reply

    a stick of butter is 4 ounces on a weight scale you can convert on line, it is also a 1/2 cup (I believe) or 8 tablespoons/24 teaspoons.

    you are an evil child......tastful, yet evil..... or so my cardiologist might say,(after scarfing 2-3)



    I think my desire to make this as soon as possible only slightly tops my huge amusement at the way you wrote this recipe...looking forward to allowing my tastebuds to 'dance majestically on the mint chocolate waves' before too long :') xx

    up here in Canada, those would be called Mint Nanaimo Bars.

    Nanaimo Bars are my absolute, all-time go-to feel-good treat thanks to a very lovely teacher i had in school.

    YUM! I definitely have to try this. Nice I'ble! (and great pics Will!)

    My grandmother passed down her recipe for what we simply called Chocolate Mint Brownies which are very similar to these. She used Creme De Menthe Liqueur mixed with softened butter and confectioners sugar for the mint layer. The Creme De Menthe is already green so there's no need for food coloring. She made a brownie layer for the bottom layer. They are decadent.

    Oooooooooooh. Aaaaaaah. Wow! That looks great! One addition you could make if you are a baker is to make an extra bottom and top layer of faux dough (if you like to bake), or mix in a bit of vanilla extract to give some nice aftertaste flavor. (I'd put just a little vanilla, because after all, they are Andes Mountain Mint Bars.)

    :) Awesome recipe!