Andre Leon Mascog10

Introduction: Andre Leon Mascog10

Welcome to the introduction.

Step 1: Materials


Paperclip Sandpaper Copper wire D battery Rubber band Magnet

Step 2: Getting What You Need

Step 1: Measure the copper wire to about the length on your arm ( you can use more if you feel like you need too)

Step 3: Scraping Off Enamel

Step 2: Scrape off the red color enamel with the sandpaper on one half of the wire. ( One half of the wire should be shaved to have a silver color, the other should still be red.)

Step 4: Wrapping the Wire

Step 3: Be as precise as you can with this step. Wrap the wire around the battery until in it forms a circle matching the battery.

Step 5: Tying the Wire

Step 4: Before you wrap the whole wire, leave about an inch of sting loose before you wrap and after you wrap, so when you finish the circle there should be two loose ends.

Step 5: Carefully slide the wire off the battery so you have a circle formation of wire.

Step 6: Tying the Wire #2

Step 6: Take the two ends and loop them in-and-out of the circle on opposite ends. Make sure they are across to each other. The end wire should have a look something like this ---O---- ← something like that.

Step 7: Paperclips

Step 7: Take the paperclips and open them up to look like a C ( Not the Spongebob and

Sandy make an S in that worm episode)

Step 8: Wrapping the Battery

Step 8: Use the rubber band to hold the paper clips and each end of the battery. Its easier than using string.

Step 9: Place the magnet on top of the battery

Step 9: Finishing the Product

Step 10: Now that the wire is wrapper up, shave the side you didn't shave. (Only half the top of the other half not the bottom

Step 11: Rest the copper wire on top of the paper clips and it should spin away :D

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