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This instructable is based on things that you can do on Android 5.

These procedures are highly reccomended!!!!!

If you enjoy these tips please vote!!

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Step 1: Play Flappy Android

Go to settings/about device

tap android version a number of times.

tap on the lollipop that comes up a number of times, then long press it.

when you tap the screen, flappy android will begin.

it is very hard and the highest point i achived is 3!!!

Step 2: Change the Default Storage Space to ExtSD

This is very helpful if you have a 32 gig sd lying around.

You can download anything on your device easily.

Settings/storage/sd card

Step 3: Safe Mode

Long press the power button and then long press power off.

Step 4: Auto Brightness

Settings/display/adaptive brightness

Step 5: Power Saving

Settings/battery/menu/power saving

Step 6: Smart Lock

One of my personal favourites.

This automaticly unlocks the screen when you;
look at the phone,
say the magic word,
enter the magic room.

Settings/security/smart lock

Step 7: Smart Awake

Just double tap the screen when locked to unlock

Settings/smart awake

Step 8: Developer Options

First go to settings/about device and tap the build number 5 times.

When it says you are now a developer go to settings/developer options.

The best option is the animation scale

If you like these i would epriciate the votes.

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Cool tips. I'm still waiting on lollipop for my moto e so I can make the default storage my SD card.
    Just curious, what phone is that? And are you using a rom? Cause on stock I don't believe that you get Smart awake.

    1 reply
    Salvador Centeno

    4 years ago

    you can get smart lock by going to trust agents first and turning those on


    4 years ago

    Nice tips! And you are right, Flappy Android is very hard.