Android Auto on Raspberry Pi

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Recently my news feeds been filling up with android auto on raspberry pi, so i decided to investigate and attempt to install it on my raspberry pi. i have also made a install script that will help you guys with installing android auto as well. thanks for the view!!

Equipment List

Raspberry Pi 3 ►

7inch touch screen ►

7inch touch ►

5inch touch screen ►

Software List

Raspbian Pixel ►

Etcher ►

github ►

f1xpl ►

crankshaft ►

Step 1: Install Raspbian Pixel Desktop

First you will need to download Raspbian Pixel Desktop version.

Step 2: Compiling Android Auto

download the install script from my github

$ git clone

now we need to change over to that directory

$ cd androidauto_rpi_install

in order to execute the script we need to change permissions to allow it to execute.

$ chmod +x<br>

now we can install android auto

$ ./

Step 3: Connect Your Phone

after 30 mins or so of waiting you are now ready to connect your phone to your raspberry pi.



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    4 Discussions


    Question 6 months ago

    I want to allow a portion of my screen for Android Auto. I mean half of the screen will display mobile phone projection via AA and half will display native contents of Raspberry Pi. Can I configure it like that?


    Question 6 months ago on Step 3

    Is IT possible to connect pi with analog video output to my build-in nami radio system (citroen c5 2005)? Car has rca input for video and audio. Will IT be usefull with some wireless Mouse or touchpad/keyboard combo? Has anyone tried android auto on analog video?


    8 months ago

    I tried installing it a raspberry pi zero, but unfortunately didn't work. anyone tried?


    8 months ago on Step 3

    Great work. I was looking for something you could use like this to put it on top of your mirror, so you don’t have to mess up the radio car console(for cars that don’t have a 2 din slot or are user repleasable) you could route power and audio back to your aux input jack of your car audio system and use the bluetooth to answer phone calls. There are some smart mirror for the car but with not to many features or use. I will keep following to see if it comes up as a new project. Cheers.