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About: i like diy,this site is so great!

this is a simple robot project

here are some Features:

1.Andriod apk

2.bluetooth 4.0 moudle

3.AVR attiny13 MCU(9600 baud rate communication with the bluetooth moudle)

My plan is use the Andriod phone send the command,it is like "A"(0x41),"B"(0x42),"C"..........,then the bluetooth get this code,Transfer to the AT13,AT13 decode the command,like

if(A)then TURN LEFT

if(B)then TURN RIGHT


so the robot can move.......

i think the hard parts is write an apk run on andriod,maybe also a little hard write a 9600baud rate communicate

program of the AT13,but Practice makes perfect,right?it just take some time

the point of the apk,is getting the characteristicof the bluetooth4.0,it is like a door in a building,so i have to handle some array,one dimensional array,Two dimensional array......... but after fix them all,See the dawn

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Step 1: Use Hc164 Extension IO

the Attiny13 has 5 IO,but one for RST,another for the Bluetooth moudle,only three left,so i use a HC164,it Occupy 2 IO,but turn 8 IO

Step 2: LED,IC Socket and the Power Socket

LED Positive pole figure

Step 3: Program Upload Socket

this is for upload program on the AT13,Six holes for VCC GND MOSI MISO SCK RST

Step 4: Battery

Colorful heat shrinkable tube,Hot air heating with electric hair dryer

i havs some Metal decorative adhesive,i choose the Iron Man,because my robot is called "T_man"

Step 5: First Test

first put the AT13 in the socket,Please note that "1" position

then power on ,the Fifth led is on,that means it is ok

Step 6: Motor Drive Board


Bending Led foot like picture,Resistance in the middle, 100 ohm

Step 7: Welding the Wire on the Mother Board


(L1`L2 R1 R2) are four single to control the motor Positive inversion

Step 8: Chassis Assembly


the mother board I use hot melt adhesive,In order to avoid the glue temperature is too high, melt the wire, I will wait for it to cool a little

the motor drive board is not glue yet,just for Determine how long wires stay

Step 9: Connect the Motor Driver and the Mother Board

Six wire to the right place

then glue the motor driver on the front like picture,be careful that the Solder joint do not touch the metal of the motor,because it will short circuit,i just give more glue,so it can Separate them

At last,welding the four wire of the motor,do not care about the positive and negative,if not right,after welding the bluetooth moudle,we can adjust

Step 10: Bluetooth Moudle Welding

P03 is the TX

the Metal strip connection to VCC,better to bend to the right shape,then welding to the pad of VCC on the mother board,but need be careful the back ,beacuse we alreading welding the VCC wire of motor driver on it

GND pad is the middle one

TX is bottom

the led connect the 100ohm is Status indicator ,when your phone connect success to the bluetooth moudle,it will light on

Step 11: Second Test

run the apk on the phone

click the "Search" button,if all the welding is right,the phone can show the robot name on the list of the software interface,one robot,two robot,three.............

click the robot which you want control,then click “Load“ button,the software will open the door of the robot's world

so you can click the Left,Right,Front,Back

Sleep is for the robot Standby

this is just test

if all ok,next step we install the wheels

Step 12:

Step 13: Wheels

wheels like picture

battery glue on the back

so the robot finished

Let's celebrate.


the robot finished


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    This is cute and compact and elegant! I love it!


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